The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

Congress Sessions

General Sessions

Introduction | What Do Organizations Want from Assessment Centers and How Are Their Needs Being Met? 
William C. Byham, Ph.D., DDI, United States

Keynote | Evolve or Die: The Future of Assessment Centers
Ben Hawkes, Selection Assessment Lead, Shell International, United Kingdom

Keynote | Dr. Iain Coyne
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, United Kingdom

Panel | Authorities for Assessment Center Practice: Laws, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, and Ethics 
Moderators: George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States, Doug Reynolds, Ph.D., DDI, United States
Panelists: Helen Barron, United Kingdom | Stefan Hoeft, University of Applied Labor, Germany | Deon Meiring, Department of Human Resource Management, South Africa | Sandra Schlebusch, Lemasa, South Africa

Concurrent Sessions

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Assessment Center Simulations: Does an AI-driven Simulation Produce the Same Predictive Validities as the Traditional Methods?
Pieter Bronkhorst, Ph.D., Organisation and Management Technologies (OMT), Evalex Talent Solutions (EICM), and Odyssey Talent Management, South Africa

Relationships of Analytical, Practical, and Emotional Intelligence with Behavioral Dimensions of Performance of Top Managers
Anna Baczynska, Ph.D., Kozminski University, Poland

Combining Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centers
Svetlana Simonenko, Detech, Russia

Development of the Canadian Army Officer Selection Assessment Centre
Joseph Berry and Bernadette Myslicki, Military Personnel Research & Analysis, Canada

An Alternative to Personality Questionnaires: Introducing Personality Tasks
Max Choi, Quest Partnership, Ltd, United Kingdom

TELKOM Post Assessment Development 
Teuku Zilmahram, PT Telekomunikasi, Indonesia

(Part 1) Assessment Centers for Recruitment and Selection of Judge Candidate Selection | (Part 2) The Promotion Processes of Chief Judge and Vice Chief Judge in the Republic of Indonesia Supreme Court
Mr. Pudjoharsoyo, Indonesia, Ms. Indriyani Ratnaningsih, Indonesia

Incorporating Business Processes, Rules and Policies in the Design of Simulations for an Assessment Center for Private Bankers
Lydia Cillie-Schmidt, The Talent Hub, South Africa

A View of Assessment Centers in the Caribbean: Challenges and Strategies
Jeremy Francis, Beyond Consulting, Trinidad and Tobago

Developing a New Exercise in Assessment Centers for Recruiting Expert Talent at Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC)
Homayoon Kord and Tahmoures Javanbakht, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Iran, George C. Thornton III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States

Fusing Assessment and Development to Develop Disruptive Leadership: A Case Study
Bruce Watt, Ph.D., DDI, United Kingdom

Virtual Assessment Centers for Restructure and Redundancy
Katy Welsh, PSI, United Kingdom

A Look from Germany: Options for Digital Innovations in Assessment Centers
Christof Obermann, RFH Cologne School for Applied Sciences, Germany

Selecting Young Future Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa: Key Findings and Learnings from the Allen Gray Orbis Foundations Scholarship and Fellowship Validation Study
Carl Herman, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, South Africa

Typical Personality pattern for Executive-Level Leaders: A Case Study on 2000+ Executive-Level Assessment Center Participants for Indonesia SOE 2015-2017
Kadek Tantiyana and Grace Yuliana, Daya Dimensi, Indonesia

Panel Session on Development Centers
Moderator: Sandra Schlebusch, Lemasa, South Africa
Panelists: Dolunay Bulut, T. IS Bankasi A.S., Turkey | Stella Stoyneva, ForTeam Talent Assessment, Bulgaria | Wisnoe Satrijono, PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia | Natalia Sushko, HR Technologies, Ukraine

Pre-Conference Workshop: Assessment Center Basics
Monday, October 8 | 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Year after year, the pre-conference workshop receives rave reviews. It is intended for those just starting to use assessment tools, or for HR generalists who would like a basic overview. As a participant, you will receive an introduction to assessment center methodology, review basic guidelines, and discuss best practices. The cost of the pre-conference workshop is 75 GBP and includes lunch.

International Congress on Assessment Center Methods
October 9-10, 2018