The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

42nd International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

Keynote Presentations

21st Century Assessment Centers: A Different Approach to the Valid Assessment of Competencies and to Providing Meaningful Feedback to Assesses at Significantly Less Time and Cost | William C. Byham, Ph.D., Executive Chairman, DDI

HR and the Microsoft Culture Change | Sharif Khan, General Manager HR, Microsoft Asia

Organizational Capabilities and Leadership Development in the Digital Industrial Era | Mr. GU Jiandang, President, Phoenix Contact (China) Holding Co., Ltd.

Chinese Talent Assessment and Development: Where We Stand and the Way We Can Go | Mr. Chaoming LIU, Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic University & President, Taiwan Talent Assessment and Development Association

Identify the Self-Disruptive Leaders: The Key to Winning in Digital Times | Wilson Zhang, Sr. Global Partner, MD of Consulting Services in China, Korn Ferry

Our Path to a High-Performing Organization | Webb Ding, President, Fresenius-Kabi China

Assessment & Development in an Era of Disruption | Bruce Watt, Ph.D., VP Europe, Australia and India, DDI

Track A

Team Climate Activates the Organizational Capability | Frank Chen, CHRO, thyssenKrupp Elevator (China)

Utilizing AC Left Over: Initiatives to be Data-Driven Assessment Center | Ario Bimo, Head of Assessment Center, Maharanti Syahratu Kertapati, Head of Diagnostic Research, Hans Ega Saputra, Assessment Consultant, PT Daya Dimensi

Beyond Assessment Centers: From Discovery to Development | Mangal Dhuri, Cerebrus Consultants Private Ltd, India

The Dynamic Duo: Assessment and Development | Mark Busine, Head of Product Management, DDI

Development Assessment Centers: BOTH Assessment and Behavioral Training | George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., USA; Naghi Radi Afsouran, Iran; Sandra Schlebusch, South Africa; Masahiro Toyhama, Japan; Martin Lanik, Ph.D., USA

Leader Development Assessment Center: Empirical Testing | Naghi Radi Afsouran, University of Guilan, Iran; George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, USA

Using a Coaching Development Centre During a Succession Development Programme | Sandra Schlebusch, Lemasa, South Africa

Development Centers That Last | Martin Lanik, Ph.D., CEO, Pinsight, USA

Track B

Exploration & Reflection of Leadership AC Practice for Government in China | Xiangdong Gu, Ph.D., Research Associate and R&D Head, Beijing Leader Assessment Service Center

Assessment Centre in the Singapore Police Force | Ko Si Hui, Lead Psychologist, Singapore Police Force

Executive Leadership in Greater China: A 20 Year Review | Huiyuan Li, General Manager, TDS, DDI Greater China

Organization and Talents in the Digital Transformation Era | Vincent Song, Talent Assessment & Leadership Development Consulting Director, Aon Hewitt

Gender, Race, Age, Religion, Country of Origin, Sexual Orientation, and Other Possible Biases in Assessment Centers | William C. Byham, Ph.D., Executive Chairman, DDI

Leadership Competencies | Anna Baczynska, Associate Professor, Kozminski University, Poland

Assessment Centers: A Conceptual Review | Martin Kleinmann, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Guidelines and Ethical Considerations for Assessment Center Operations-Chinese Versions Applying in Taiwan and China | Gary Chen, Ph.D., East-West Management Consulting, Inc.

Track C

SHL Leadership Analysis: Heroes Create the Times, or the Times Produce the Heroes | Chan Yang PHANG, Principal Consultant, SHL China

SWAT DNA Identification and Application | Olivia ZHAO, VP-HR, Autoliv China

Ten Practices for Enterprises to Build the Talent Supply Chain | Dr. Xu Feng, Founder & CEO, TaleBase

Combining Business Simulation Training Programs with AC in a Pharma Company: Method and Effectiveness | Gao Xi Le, R&D Director, Aceman Group Consulting Co., Ltd.

Preparing the Sochi 2014 Team for Delivery | Svetlana Simonenko, Managing Partner, Detech; Marina Pochinok, Former Vice President, Workforce OCOG Sochi 2014

Where’s the Fire: Assessment Center Application in the US Fire Service | Chief David Slivinski, Program Director, Assessment & Consulting Services, Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, USA

Unlock the Power of Your People | Richard Kang, General Manager, Clavis

Open Competition of Senior Executive Based on Leadership Model and Successful Practice of K Group | Oak Y. Ti. Li, Senior Expert in Talent Assessment, Development and Management Talent-Label Management Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Build Up a Talent Recruitment Evaluation System with Industry Features | Ellen Liu, Samsung Property & Casualty Insurance

History of Assessment Center Operations in South Korea Over 13 Years | Young Jae Kim, Hwa Youl Choi, & Myung Joon Kim, Ph.D., ASSESTA

Application and Development of Talent Assessment Center in Taiwan | Stanley Lin, Consultant, Talent Assessment & Development Center

Shoot Out! What Predicts Leadership Potential and Performance Best? Assessment Centres, Cognitive Tests, Or Personality Tests? The Latest Research on the Topic | Dr. Pieter Bronkhorst, Evalex Talent Solutions

Track D

Who Do You Believe? Combining Theory, Research, and Practice to Know What Really Works! | Dr. George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Colorado State University & Founder and Director, Thornton Institute for Assessment Centers

Challenges and Opportunities of AC & DC in China | Gonggu Yan, Ph.D., Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Meta-Leadership: A methodology of leadership assessment and development based on psycho-behavioral science and deep experiential learning | Professor Xu Xiaoyong, Director of NCCL, Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Assessment and Development of Charismatic Personality-Based Leadership Quality | ZHANG Kai, Professor of Renmin University of China

Leadership Development in College: A case study based on ACDC approach | Jyhhong Lee, Ph.D./CEAP, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Asia University

Less Is More: A minimalist approach to the assessment of leadership potential | Frank Feng Li, Ph.D., Founder of Leadership Grammar Model

Developing LGD Assessment Mechanism Through an AI System: A pilot study in Taiwan | Jeffrey Fan, Ph.D., Florida International University and Irving Huang, Ph.D., Tamkang University; Jichang Tan, Ph.D., St. John's University

Digital Ready Talent & Leadership | Cathy Cao, YSC Consulting

Who Has the Potential to Be a Leader? | YongHua Su, Founder & Chairman, NormStar Group

Measure and Develop High Potential in the Digital Era | Russ Rao, Managing Parnter and Co-founder, Leader's Gene Consulting

Track E

What Is Next When You See the Health Check Report? About Talent Development Practice | Samual Tung, General Manager, REC Consulting

The Road of Testing Development in China-A Global Perspective | Alex Tong, Chairman, Association of Test Publishers (ATP), 2018 and Vice President, ATA Online China

Using Personality Tasks to Boost the Validity of Assessment Centers | Alan Howard, Director, Quest Partnerships, Ltd. 

Assessing Global Talent: Using Personality for Talent Across Asia and the Globe | Krista Pederson, Director Asia Pacific BD, Hogan Assessments

Developing Chinese Leaders With Personality-based Interventions | Carl Liang, Managing Director, C&D Management Consulting

Encompass the Best of East and West: Development of a Cultural Agility and Competency Prediction Solution | Doris Wang, Senior Consultant, Cubiks

Assessment and Development of Hi-Level Talent Recruitment | Ma Jianhong, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science, Zhejiang University

How Can Neuroscience Be Leveraged In Leadership Assessment and Development? | Elise Zhu, Founder, Center for NeuroEdge Leadership/Organizational Psychologist