The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

41st International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

October 8-10, 2018 | Windsor, United Kingdom

Research Insights to Fuel Your Assessment Centre Strategy |
Bill Byham, Ph.D., DDI, United States

PANEL | Authorities for Assessment Centre Practice: Laws, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, Ethics
Panel Leaders: George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, & Doug Reynolds, Ph.D., DDI, United States
Panelists: Kadek Tantiyana, Indonesia | Sandra Schlebusch, South Africa | Helen Baron, United Kingdom | Deon Meiring, South Africa | Rodney Lowman, United States

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Assessment Centre Simulations: Does An AI-Driven Simulation Produce the Same Predictive Validities as the Traditional Methods?
| Dr. Pieter Bronkhorst, Evalex, South Africa

Virtual Assessment Centres for Restructure and Redundancy | Katy Welsh, PSI Talent Management, United Kingdom

A Look from Germany: Options for Digital Innovations in Assessment Centres | Dr. Christof Obermann, RFH Cologne School for Applied Sciences, Germany

An Alternative to Personality Questionnaires
| Max Choi, Quest Partnership & Alan Howard, Quest Assessments, United Kingdom

Combining Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centres | Svetlana Simonenko, Detech, Russia

Developing a New Exercise in Assessment Centres for Recruiting Expert Talent in Mobarakeh Steel Company, Iran | Homayoon Kord, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Iran, & George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States

Development of the Canadian Army Selection Assessment Centre | Major Bernadette Myslicki, Joseph Berry, & Joy Klammer, Canadian Army Doctrie and Training Centre and Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA), Canada

Telkom Post Assessment Development Program | Achyar Basyari, M.PSI, & Ira Z. Tamara, M.PSI, Assessment Centre Indonesia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, TBK

Selecting Future Entrepreneurs in South Africa: Key Findings and Learnings from the Allan Gray Orbis Foundations Scholarship and Fellowship Validation Study | Carl Herman, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, South Africa

Fusing Assessment and Development Using Virtual and Face-to-Face Methods to Grow Disruptive Leaders | Bruce Watt, Ph.D., DDI, United Kingdom

Incorporating Business Processes, Rules, and Policies in the Design of Simulations for an Assessment Centre for Private Bankers | Lydia Cillie-Schmidt, The Talent Hub, South Africa

Assessment Centre Implementation in the Supreme Court of The Republic of Indonesia | Achmad Setyo Pudjoharsoyo, The Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia

Typical of Personality Pattern for Executive-Level Leaders: A Case Study on 2000+ Executive-Level Assessment Centre Participants for Indonesia SOE (State-Owned Enterprise) in 2015-2017 | Kadek Tantiyana & Grace Simanjuntak, Daya Dimensi Indonesia

Relationships of Analytical, Practical, and Emotional Intelligence with Behavioural Dimensions of Leaders Performance
| Anna Baczynska, Ph.D., Kozminski University, Poland, & George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States

Sun Sea, and Selection: Assessment Centres in the Caribbean | Jeremy Francis, Beyond Consulting, Trinidad and Tobago

Panel Discussion on Development Centres
Panel Leader: Sandra Schlebusch, Lemasa, South Africa
Panelists: Dolunay Bulut, Is Bankasi A.S., Turkey | Natalia Sushko, HR Technologies, Ukraine | Stella Stoyneva, For Team Talent Assessment, Bulgaria | Wisnoe Satrijono, PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia