The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

November 3-4, 2015 | San Diego, California, USA

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General Sessions

Should Non-Simulations Be an Integral Part of Assessment or Should Non-Simulations Be Treated as Separate Information Sources Not Assessed in ACs but Added to AC Results William C. Byham, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI)

MetLife's Global Leadership Journey Continues: Measuring GM Readiness through Innovative Technology and Evidence-Based Practice* Arnold Dhanesar, Ph.D., MetLife; Amir Morshed, Propel International; Howard Epstein, Ph.D., BTS
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Panel Discussion: Under What Conditions are Supplements to Behavioral Assessments in the Assessment Center Method Appropriate? George C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University; Doug Reynolds, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI); John Scott, Ph.D., APTMetrics; Mehmet Sürmeli, Top Talent Solutions Turkey

A View of the Top: Uncovering Insights from Executive Assessment Data*Evan Sinar, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI) 

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Synthesizing the Measurement of Leadership Potential John Scott, Ph.D., & Kevin Tomczak, APTMetrics

Concurrent Sessions

Millennials Transition to the Workplace: Assessment and Training Working Together Pays Big Dividends*Laura Maxwell, Carnegie Mellon University
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Deeper Insights through Big Data: Assessment Centers Beyond 2015* Martin Lanik, Ph.D., PinsightTM
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Leadership Assessment for a VUCA World: Integrating Behavioral Evidence from Online Business Simulations with Psychometrics and Interview Data Dan Hughes, a&dc

Assessment in Principal PreparationKermit Buckner, Ph.D., East Carolina University

Case Study: Selecting Future Leaders at the Leading Turkish Bank – Dolunay Bulut, T. Is. Bankasi

Performance Predictors for Service Business Expatriates–In Contrast with Other Business Solutions*Shinichi Hirose, Ph.D., International University of Japan

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Developing Organizational SimulationsGeorge C. Thornton, III, Ph.D., Colorado State University

Case Study: A Snapshot of Leadership in a Pharmaceutical Company in the Context of the Renzulli ModelAnna Baczynska, Ph.D., Kozminski University

A Comparison of Spoken and Written Responses in Computer-Facilitated Assessment Centers Aaron Stehura, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Similarities and Differences Among Turkey, International, and Other Country-Specific Assessment Center Standards: An Exploration of ReasonsMehmet Sürmeli, Top Talent Solutions Turkey
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3D Games and Simulations: The Future Assessment CenterAlex Howland, Ph.D., VirBELA

User-Experience Design Considerations for Multi-Method Web-Based Assessment CentersTami Licht & Emily Stehura, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Case Study: Using Assessment Center Methods for Leadership Development and Succession Planning in Public SafetyRick Michelson, KSA Ltd.
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Beyond the OAR: Considering the Operational Meaning and Usefulness of AC Ratings' General Factor Caitlin Porter, Deborah Rupp, Ph.D., & Sang Eun Woo, Ph.D., Purdue University

The Contribution of Intellectual Abilities to a Manager's Success: The Correlation Between the Results of Ability Tests and the Assessment CenterSvetlana Simonenko, Detech

Using Assessment Center Methods for Talent Selection in a Public Safety and Security SettingEunice Tan, Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre (HTBSC), Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore