The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

38th International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

October 23-24, 2014 | Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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General Sessions

Building Assessment Centers for a Flat WorldWilliam C. Byham, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI)

The Evolving Role of Technology in Assessment: A Panel Discussion with Leading Practitioners of New Technology – Deborah Rupp, Ph.D.Purdue UniversityLynn Collins, Ph.D.Fenestra, Inc.; Dan Putka, Ph.D.HumRRODoug Reynolds, Ph.D.DDI; John Scott, Ph.D.APTMetrics

A Review of the 2014 Guidelines and Ethical Consideratiions for Assessment Center Operations – The International Taskforce on Assessment Center Guidelines

Using Talent Management Analytics to Turn Data on the Use of New Assessment Center Technology into Actionable Insight at Hertz Corporation – Stella Malsy, Ph.D., Hertz Corporation

The Yin and Yang of Technology-Enhanced Assessment Centers: An Assessor Perspective (panel) – Sandra Hartog, Ph.D.Fenestra, Inc.; Stephanie Butler, Ph.D.Assess SystemsLynn Collins, Ph.D.Fenestra, Inc.Jessica Osedach, Ph.D.Bank of AmericaSandra SchlebuschLEMASAJanis Ward, Ph.D.J.M. Ward Consulting

Concurrent Sessions (Technology Track)

Traditional and Technological Assessment Centers: Capturing the Same Constructs, Creating the Same Outcomes? – Alyssa M. Gibbons, Ph.D.Colorado State UniversityMartin Lanik, Ph.D.Global Assessor Pool

Sending a Man to the Moon and New Frontiers: Technology-Enhanced Assessment Centers – Lynn Collins, Ph.D., and Sandra Hartog, Ph.D.Fenestra, Inc.

Cross-Cultural Assessment Center Performance Using a Virtual Assessment Center Method – Jing Jin, Ph.D., and Aaron Stehura, Ph.D.DDI

Do Role Plays Need the Human Touch? – Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D.HumRRO

Concurrent Sessions (Research Track)

Aggregation of Assessment Center Scores: A Commentary on Recent Perspectives and Implications for the Dimensions-Exercise Debate – Dan Putka, Ph.D.HumRRO

The Transparency of Assessment Centers: Lower Criterion-Related Validity but Greater Opportunity to Perform – Pia V. Ingold, Ph.D.University of Zurich

Assessment Centers are Deficient Predictors of Effective Leadership – Brian Hoffman, Ph.D.University of Georgia

Correlates of Assessment Center Performance Across Contexts: An Investigation of Aggregated Measures of Executive Performance – Jing Jin, Ph.D., and Doug Reynolds, Ph.D.DDI

The Predictive Power of the Assessment Center in Japan – Shinichi Hirose, Ph.D.International University of Japan (presentation not available)

The Implementation of Mechanical Data in Combination in an Assessment Center – Eva Bergvall, Ph.D.City of Gothenburg, Sweden

Performance Variation in Assessment Center Business Simulations – Patrick Smith, Ph.D., PCCTalent and Leadership Consultant

Re-Evaluating the Decision-Making Dimension: Disentangling the Role of Cognitive Ability – Brett Guidry, M.S., and Deborah Rupp, Ph.D.Purdue University

Does the Use of Personality Inventories Cause Bias on Assessment Center Results Because of Social Desirability – Aylin Dincer and Levent SevinรงAssessment Systems

Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers and Assessment Centers: A Comparison of Results – Anna Baczynska, Ph.D.Kozminski University

Concurrent Sessions (Practitioner Track)

Comprehensive Assessment as the Foundation for High-Potential Validation and Development – Richard Dapra, Ph.D.BTS Assessment Practice

Canadian Armed Forces Assessment Centre Development for Special Employment – Karen Rankin, MSc, Canadian Armed Forces

Going Fully Automated: A Case Study at the ATF – Robin McBethATF, and Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D.HumRRO

Building a Global Leadership Pipeline for the 21st Century: A MetLife Case Study – Arnold DhanesarMetLife, and Amir Morshed, Propel International

Coaching Candidates to Compete in Assessment Centers – Katherine Holt, Ph.D.Peakinsight, LLC, and Mary Kralj, Ph.D, Mary Kralj  Associates

Behavioral Assessment in Junior Commander Selection – Wendy Teo, Defence Psychology Department, Ministry of Singapore (presentation not available)