The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

36th International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

October 12-13, 2011 | St. Petersburg, Florida  USA

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General Sessions

Looking Backward to Move Forward: Early Origins of Exercises, Dimensions, and Assessment Center Practices - Scott Highhouse, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, United States

Computer Adaptive Personality Scales: A Military and Civilian Application - Walter Borman, Ph.D., University of South Florida, United States

Employment Litigation and Assessment Centers: Issues, Potential Issues, and Non-issues Around the World - George C. Thornton III, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States

Concurrent Sessions

The Value of Computer-based Simulation Technology as Part of an ADC - Jan van der Westhuizen, Experiential Technologies, South Africa

Adaptation of the Assessment Process for Small- and Medium-sized Public Safety Agencies - James Steffens, MIFireE, EFO, The JTS Association, Inc., United States

A Different Look at Why Selection Procedures Work: The Role of Candidate Ability to Identify Criteria - Prof. Dr. Martin Kleinmann, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Assessment Center Integrity: Does the Word Get Around? - Warren Bobrow, Ph.D., All About Performance, LLC, United States

Assessor Development - Nanette Fairley, Innovative Human Resource Solutions, United Arab Emirates

Benchmarking Assessment Practices - Paul Bernthal, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), United States, and Katherine Holt, Ph.D., Peakinsight, United States

Graduate Recruitment in the Social Media Age - Christine Bamford, MPhil, FCIPD, National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, Wales, United Kingdom

Integrated Business Simulation as a Tool for Assessing High Potential Talent in Early Recruitment Programs - Mirta Amaranti and Maharsi Anindyajati, PPM Management, Indonesia

Assessment Centres in the Selection Model of the EU Institutions - St├ęphane Vanderveken and Sari Lehkonen, European Personnel Selection Office, Belgium

Leadership Assessment and Development at Darden Restaurants* - Michael Struth, Alignmark, United States, and Frankie George, Darden Restaurants, United States
*Presentation not available

Rater Differences: When Do Differences Really Become Biased? - Sandra Schlebusch, LeMaSa South Africa, and Gerhard Roodt, Ph.D., University of Johannesburg, South Africa

The Standardization of Assessors: The Key to Reliable Assessment - Nitin Sawardekar and Prakash Khandekar, VSS Consultants, India

The Customization of Simulation Exercises and Other Challenges as Part of a Large Skills Audit Project for Development - Anne Buckett, Precision HR, South Africa

The Problem of Motivation in Developmental Assessment Centers: Implications for Performance and Subsequent Development - Alyssa Gibbons, Ph.D., Colorado State University, United States

Turning the Tables: Assessing Human Resource Professionals - Linda Brenner, Designs on Talent, United States

Skills and Leadership: Main Effects and Explanatory Mechanisms - Brian Hoffman, Ph.D., University of Georgia, United States

The Use of Assessment Centers in Business Schools for Graduates - Geli Pautt Torres, Ph.D., Externado University, Colombia, South America

A Comprehensive Assessment Process for Selecting Management Trainees at CSX Transportation* - Jennifer Burnett, Ph.D., and Corina Rice, Ph.D., CSX Transportation, United States
*Presentation not available

The Sharpest Blade Gives the Finest Cut: Keep the Assessor Saw Sharp! - Kevin Cook, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), United States